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Simply to give my husband some incentive to read my blog, I figured I’d do a little post on him. Also, I posted about my sister so it’s only fair that he gets his own highlight. I teased him that I was posting all sorts of embarrassing stuff about him but he could tell I was joking (unfair).

Meet Michael! He is my unofficial blog editor and likes to point out all my spelling and grammer grammar mistakes ;)

We are high school sweethearts and are coming up on our 10 year dating anniversary this July (which makes me feel very old)!

I wish I could say it was love at first sight to make it a bit more like a fairy tale but we both walked away from the first date rather ambivalent.

Here’s how it all started:

My sister and her (now) husband set us up on a double date. They gave me 3 choices of boys to pick from. I picked Michael and it remains the best decision I have ever made! He rolled up for our date in his Metallica t-shirt and shorts and had to awkwardly meet my parents as well as my grandparents who were in town at the time. I had been primping all afternoon and was sporting a khaki short skirt, spaghetti strap tank (with cardigan for some degree of modesty) and some platform shoes to offset my 5’1” stature next to his 6’ self. We had dinner at a pizza restaurant in Charlotte with Kristen and Tim as double date buffers. We then went back to Tim’s parents place for a little swim. Uh, bikini on the first date=awkward. The night ended with some left over fireworks from Independence Day going off over the golf course and maybe a little making out in the hot tub. 

And well the rest is history. He must have wooed me with his rocker t-shirt and teenage boy antics because we’ve been together ever since!  

A friend of mine recently asked me, what’s different about marriage (compared to dating). My initial response was “teamwork” and “the little things”. We work together to get things done, to make decisions, and to encourage each other. The grand gestures that might have been a big deal when we were dating are still nice but it’s the little things that make me love him even more. To list a few:

The fact that he washes my coffee cup out every day so that it is ready when I go to work. 

He does the dishes because I cook dinner {teamwork}.

The way he loves my little girls (cats) - one day he’ll make a great father.

He won’t let me go to sleep without brushing my teeth (truly a dentist’s son).

How supportive he is with my diving hobby habit and how trusting he is even when I am thousands of miles away or 100 miles off shore with a boat full of guys.

Similarly, he puts up with conversations that go as follows “well you see, it’s only $500 which when compared to XY and Z it’s really a steal” or “it’s the trip of a lifetime, pretty pretty please!”

Together we have grown a lot as individuals and as a couple. We have traveled the world (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Japan, and Australia) and have many more adventures in the future. We have survived college and grad school, short distance and some really long distances. Thick and thin we have been through a lot in this 9.5 years and come out the other end stronger and even more in love. We are nothing like the teenagers we were back then and in fact, the only thing that has remained the same throughout our entire relationship is his trusty old beemer, Walter. 

And yet after all of our adventures together one of my absolute favorite things to do is snuggle on the couch with a movie.

I love you Mr. Anderson!



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