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Rock climbing vs. Scuba diving

  • Require life saving equipment.
  • Are best experienced in the wild but can be enjoyed in confined areas for training.
  • Dependence on a buddy (rock climbing arguably slightly more).
  • One with the environment - focused on task at hand.
  • A fun disguised version of exercise.
  • A bit of risk involved but with proper gear, training, and experience that risk is decreased.
  • One is ascending up, the other is descending down. 
  • Best enjoyed with friends and with a post-activity beer in hand ;o)

As I was some 30 feet off the ground, trying to find a solid hand hold to proceed up the rock face I had a moment of tranquility. It was just me up there, everything was quiet and I was surrounded by pristine nature. I wasn’t thinking about my credit card due next week or how I had to get up at 7am the next day to go to work or how I had a pot luck b-day party to go to in a few hours and I didn’t have a single thing I could make. I experience the exact same thing when I am diving. For that hour+ I am entirely focused on the task at hand, it is peaceful (usually) and distraction free!

It was the first time I had that moment where I thought, hey…diving and climbing aren’t too far off from each other. 

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