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Rules to LIVE by

The take home messages from an excellent list of “rules to live by” for safe open circuit and closed circuit diving. From Precision Diving

Open Circuit Rules of Survival

If you cannot or will not accept the risks, costs, physical demands, training requirements, and/or mental demands that technical diving requires, you should not attempt it.  There are plenty of great adventures to be had in shallow waters.  Just diving deep or going into required stops on your computer is not technical diving.  It is just stupid.  Technical diving is an adoption of a mindset, approach, and attitude as much as it is diving with the gear or taking training.  If you choose to do this, do it well.  Keep training and never dive unless you know you will be successful.  Your life is always the most important one.

Rebreather Rules of Survival

OC is like a bicycle and CCR is like a helicopter both are transportation.  Bicycles work nearly all the time and its not a big problem if it does not, you walk.  You can abuse the bicycle and it keeps on working.  Helicopters you need to preflight test, watch the gas, watch gauges, be in control at all times, otherwise you will crash and die.  Riding a bike does not mean you can fly a helicopter…..

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